Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just Another Ordinary Day

So the past few days haven't been extraordinary, not a whole lot to tell the world… In theory…. But today, I wanted to remind myself to take time to appreciate the little things.  A nice conversation with my husband, the joy of helping Aspen, planning the steps to get where I want.

THen I realized that while it might seem like an ordinary day with nothing exciting…. I'm quite wrong. There's a lot to celebrate EVERY DAY!

  • I'm still breathing… There's something we should all celebrate!  
  • I have an AMAZING FAMILY!  
  • I have a job, and while sometimes it drives me crazy, it's more than a lot of people have.  
  • I have the most beautiful dogs in the world (yes, I'm biased, it's my blog, deal with it).  
  • My horses ROCK!  I can't wait to get them home!
  • Huge shout out to Laura Fay, she's really made me feel welcome at her barn, and continues to push me to be better.  Give Chase and Kody kisses for me until my next visit! 
  • My husband is the most perfect man on the planet, for me!  
  • I have the best friend/aunt in the world, she supports me and helps motivate me and is ALWAYS there for me!  
  • I could say the exact same thing for my Grandma, and add that even when she thinks my decisions are crazy and almost throws chairs at recruiters, she still loves me.  
  • My mom, her and I have been through a lot, good and bad, but at the end of the day we're still here for each other.  
  • My foster family, the Kjeldgaards… So much to say about this WONDERFUL family.  They've raised 8 amazing kids, all polite, well behaved, athletic, generous, CHRISTIAN, smart, caring… The list could (and should) take up this whole page, but in the interest in saving space, I'll cut it off there, and say Lisa and Eric, your awesome, and I love you!  Thank you for helping me through a very difficult time in my life!  To the 8 KJ littles… or not so little (Nick, Kate, Steve, CAN YOU SLOW DOWN, I feel old), you are all amazing in your own right, keep being amazing (no pressure or anything)!  
  • To Aspen, you've inspired me.  Your love and dedication is truly beautiful, and you've got a BEAUTIFUL heart & soul… And while you're beautiful on the outside too, it's the internal beauty that really makes you shine!
Now, I could go on and on about all the things I'm grateful for everyday, and there are times that I will. But today, I just wanted to take the time to remind myself (and anyone who happens to read this) that even our so called ordinary days really are EXTRAORDINARY!  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Aspen & Happy Appy

Another day into my Happy Appy campaign and I wanted to take some time to introduce Aspen again. This is the first post of my new blog, so please stick with me.  

Happy Appy is a 5 year old Appaloosa, belonging to 11 year old Aspen.  Aspen saw this horse on a website at a ranch where her parents frequently buy horses from.  She played hooky from school to ride with her parents to the ranch to buy a new horse.  Upon arrival, Aspen asked where the Appy was.  She disappeared into Happy Appy's stall for the rest of the trip.  Aspen had fell in love at first sight.  When it was time to leave, her mom came and found a red-eyed Aspen, who was far from ready to leave.  Dad was sent in next, the tears were flowing down Aspen's cheeks at the thought of leaving "her" Appy.  Dad couldn't stand to see his little girl cry, he told Aspen to load the mare into the trailer, she could bring her home.  We have to pause here… Aspen knows how to work her dad, and had probably planned this all along, BUT this was the start of a strong bond between little girl and her horse.  Happy Appy was a halter horse and hadn't spent much time under saddle.  11 year old Aspen was in charge of finishing her training, and that is exactly what she did.  She finished her training and started competing with her in barrel racing.  Aspen and Happy Appy beat her (Aspen's) times on her 2 finished barrel horses.  The week of May 5th, Happy Appy colicked…BADLY. The vet came out with meds and IVs.  when this didn't work, Happy Appy went in to the vet hospital for surgery.  They removed an enterolith (pretty much like a rock).  There was a ball of some sort of string as well.  According to the vet, it could have been something she ate YEARS ago.  Happy Appy was given 60% chance to live.  Appy handled anesthesia well, was up and moving the next morning.  She was alert.  Later that day the complications set in.  Ultra sound showed her gut was dying where the mass had been lodged.  She had to be put down, while Aspen was competing at JR World at the Josey Ranch.  Aspen's heart has been broken by the loss of her best friend.  worse yet, while this young girl is grieving, and needing her family, everyone is still working to pay off Happy Appy's surgery. 

I met Aspen's grandmother, Lynn, through a wonderful FaceBook group called Hags with Nags.  On this page, everyone is very supportive of things that everyone is going through.  Lynn was looking for support and prayers for her family when she posted on Hags with Nags.  I wanted to do more!  Last night I made my first donation to Aspen's family.  It wasn't much, but that's not the point.  I want to help, and so I've started the Happy Appy Campaign  Everything that sells from Untamed Tack for the time being will go to helping Aspen.  All profits are going to them! 

Messaging with Lynn last night, we came to the conclusion, that we wished there was a group that would do this for every little heart broken cowgirl out there!  Now, I'm not there yet (and I don't know if I'll ever really be there), but I'm starting with Aspen.  If you want to help, you can place an order or donate directly to the family!